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Join the fastest growing business community in the UK for FREE. YBC Premium members get unlimited free advice, discounts on a wide range of business services and financial protection through their wide ranging legal expenses policy.


Discover a real and friendly business community of men and women and a choice of networking events at

Find out more at the YBC Mega Networking & YBC Women Facebook pages.




(Also see the SUPPORT page for women's membership organisations that provide information and advce to help you start your own business.)



Award giving and established women’s networking organisation.


The SEED Network

The site of Lynne Franks’ women business network.


The Athena Network

Groups starting all over the UK. It aims to link like minded business women together. Franchise available.


Aurora Women’s Network


The Bag Lady

A well known global directory of women in business and women businesses. Holds a wide range of links.


Women’s Small Business Club (@ 44 Portland Place, W1. Free networking evenings.


BME Women’s Aspirations Network

For the black and ethnic minority business women. Monthly network meetings, courses and events.


National Black Women’s Network

An organisation dedicated to raising the profile and achievements of black women in society.


African & Caribbean Business Network

Open to men and women in the black business community.


The Women’s Business Clubs

Enterprising Women


Network She


Women Unlimited

Online community of female business owners and also hold networking events.


Babes and Briefcases


Holds networking events in the West Midlands.

Divas Network (Stroke On Trent)


Women On Top

Has networking groups across the East of England. Informing and inspiring women in the private sector and in business.


Precious Online

An online magazine and resource for black women.


Women’s Wisdom

They run events in Dorset, Hampshire and West Sussex. It aims to provide support and inspiration to help women run their business.


Forward Ladies

A fast growing networking group which holds a lot of events and training workshops and takes part in foreign trade missions.


Chicks with Bricks

An organisation encouraging and supporting women working in the construction industry.


Women into the Network

Award winning organisation supporting, connecting and promoting women in business in the North East of England.


Sister Snog

A London wide business networking with a special focus on fun


Looking for networking events?


Find Networking Events

For latest information on local and national events. It also has a women events section.



Book your own networking events or find your nearest events.





Not every women wants to join an all women/mums business networking group. Whether you prefer one or the other, mixed group business networking sometimes offers an opportunity to interact with a wider range of business people and a different perspective of business. Some are free and allows you to visit as guest member before you decide whether to pay the membership fee. There so many to choose from now, even globally by the power of the internet and social media. Keep an open mind, do your own research and speak to members and former members for insider knowledge.

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